Public Relations

Public relations covers a broad range of communications activities targeting key audiences and markets. Owain Betts is experienced in all aspects of public relations, ensuring clients get the support they need and the exposure they want.


From media relations, including planned and proactive news announcements, product launches and 'good' news stories, to community relations, such as where planning applications need to be explained or maybe your company is recruiting. These are all critical to the success of a business or organisation.


There can also be unexpected or negative issues that crop up from time to time that could have a potentially devastating impact on a business.


Crisis and reputation management are critical for these situations, whether expected or not, Owain can help you to adapt and positively react to such scenarios.


Interacting with local politicians, authorities and organisations can also help a business' reputation and Owain has experience in presenting projects and issues to a wide range of public and private sector organisations and individuals through public affairs work.


He also works with individuals to raise their profiles, enhance their reputation and help them position them as knowledgeable individuals within their sector or industry.



“To communicate and interact effectively is critical to the success of any business in today’s 'always on' digital world.


"Ignoring it could cost your business opportunities and its reputation.


"Grasping it can create increased sales and growth opportunities" @OwainBetts

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